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IBM G74 fitted on philips chassis problem

sawwa7 16 Mar 2009 23:21 842 1
  • #1 16 Mar 2009 23:21
    Poziom 12  

    Hi all Colleagues
    i have this monitor which was dead with the fron led lighting solid green indicates power supply is ok but black screen .
    there was many dry joints on the horizontal output stage and after resolder them i got the no signal displayed but when i go to connect the monitor to pc it shuts down with coloured spot in the middle of the screen .
    disconnecting the cable from the vga it gives the No signal message displayed on the screen with normal coloured pattern and solid green power led .
    any idea what may cause this?
    the monitor is based on philips chassis : CM2617 and service manual is needed for this monitor .
    thanks for any help given
    Kind Regards

  • #2 18 Mar 2009 12:52
    Poziom 12  

    hi all colleagues
    please if any one can help :)
    i need the schematic for video and scan sections for the same model or any equivalent , also tips are welcomed
    thanks in advance for any help given
    Kind Regards

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