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Sony KV21M3D , colour problem with composite signal,RGB OK..

Pera 07 Kwi 2008 23:59 1233 3
  • #1 07 Kwi 2008 23:59
    Poziom 10  

    Hello.Problem is that TV set have dark screen, and like inverted colors (red/blue).On screen display have normal colors, as well as RGB signal from SCART.But, from composite signal or tuner picture is dark.I can change brightness,contrast and colour from r/c, and when it's supplied with RGB signal TV is having normal picture.
    I changed RGB matrix MC44002P, also checked all transistors inside the mixing circuit (where composite and tuner signal are mixed - sorry for expression,I am not native English speaking).There is one DTC144,2SC1740 and some few transistors more.I checked also diodes around, as well as diodes around SCART, but no improvement.If anyone have any idea what it could be please post here or send me a PM.

  • #3 11 Kwi 2008 07:14
    Poziom 10  

    I still didn't solve this TV, if anyone knows where the problem could be, please post here...

  • #4 11 Kwi 2008 10:55
    Poziom 19  

    Hello , probably TV with composite signal is in NTSC ( inverterd colours ) or in SECAM FRANCE.
    Please change memory and set up TV in service mode.Lucas