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Martech Team Nowosci - aktualizacje i opisy

Tech mobil 01 Apr 2022 15:17 377788 511
Texa Poland
  • #511
    Tech mobil

    GSM Product Supporter
    Do you want RCD Tools and Hardware together at 100 euro ?

    We have 49 Box II Plus devices, brand new. Found in warehouse!

    So we decide to give you an offer.

    Martech BOX II Plus + RCD Tools activated = 100 euro netto + shipping.

    - RCD Tools activated and unlimited
    - No possibilities to activate any other tools on it
    - limited quantity
    - orders ONLY via shop(malpa)martech.pl

    Perfect solution for those who needs to read codes on basic models.
    Anybody interested in ?
    Contact ONLY via shop(malpa)martech.pl

    Best Regards
    Martech Team
  • Texa Poland
  • #512
    Tech mobil

    GSM Product Supporter
    Security Repaired update.
    New Opel, Chevrolet and Fiat algorithms.

    From now LSP2GT units can be married to Opel and Chevrolet cars. All you need is Security Repairer activated and some work with unit.


    - Opel LSP2GTA P1142620000002949

    - Opel LSP2GTD P1132300000000493

    - Chevrolet LSP2GTX P11503600001956

    Best Regards

    Martech Team