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Schneider STV5110 - szukam schematu

oreshkov 03 May 2009 06:31 1790 2
  • #1
    Level 11  
    Search scheme of this model television trevialna configuration TDA4505 TDA3505 TDA4555 prosesor type PCA84C440P/401 as chassis number PB2001VS-PS-M. TV thunderstruck but it already prepare. The problem is that there is a chassis made for various models have in place for outside board exits and empty plots. In this model have not been used. There is left blank holes for chinchove. I want to know the version of the scheme to rig inputs for DVD video and audio input.
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    Zdzisław Osmulski
    Level 30  
    You wrote a wrong name processor . Must be PCA84C640 .Have you any scheme for this model ? All IC you have at Anitech CTV2001 .
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    Level 11  
    I used the help of a computer translator. But now it repaired. I checked the schedule of ANITECH reply. Thank you.