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42PF9966/12 zamienność matryc

Karol 1 13 Feb 2010 16:56 2490 2
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    Karol 1
    Level 25  
    Poszukuję informacji na temat zamienności matrycy w tv Philips 42pf9966 z matrycą z odbiornika 42pf9952... jakoś nie mogę tego na elektrodzie znaleźć. Co prawda są to inne chassis ale może jedna za drugą by poszła....
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    Service technician RTV
    42PF9966/10 miał panel FujitsuHitachi FPF42C128128UE52/ chas. FTP 2.4
    The options sticker gives the following option
     62708 40992 49472 00000
     04118 00513 00064 00065
    The first line (group 1) indicates hardware options 1 to 4, the
    second line (group 2) indicates software options 5 to 8.
    Every 5-digit number represents 16 bits (so the maximum value
    will be 65536 if all options are set).
    When all the correct options are set, the sum of the decimal
    values of each Option Byte (OB) will give the option number.
    bit option panel was betwen 8 - 15 in second block 2-th grup :
    Options Group 2
    05142 01537 00064 00065

    *czyli tutaj oo6513

    na stickerze nasz dwie grupy cyfr po 20-cia znaków
    Options Group 2
    04118 06657 00064 00065
    For calculation of a code of the panel, the second block of group of options 2 is translated in HEX - (06657-> HEX = 1A01) the senior byte of the received value is translated further back in DEC (1A-> DEC = 26) is finished before value missing zero (026) and the mode (062598 MENU 026) is entered through service.

    Code paneli w tym aparacie
    FPF42C128128UC-52 code 002,
    FPF42C128135UA-52 code 017,
    FPF42C128128UD-51 code 026,
    FPF42C128135UA-52 (A3) code 037
    Fujitsu 42А1 (FPF42C128128UC-52) lub Fujitsu 42А2 (FPF42C128128UD-52)

    Display Option Code Selection
    When after an SSB or display exchange, the display option
    code is not set properly, it will result in a TV with “no display”.

    transmitter: “062598” directly followed by MENU and “xxx”,
    where “xxx” is a 3 digit decimal value of the panel type

    062598 >menu>..3-znakowy kod panelu

    W 42PF9966/12 sa tylko panele F. Fujitsu.
    ** 42PF9966/12 chassis FTP 2.2E ,

    42PF9966 z innymi końc. (/37, /79, /93, /98) zależne od potrzeb Samsung lub Fujitsu

    czasem potrzebna jest ingerencja w moduł "Screen interface" 9dolutować dodatk. R i tranzystory ,stabiliz.)

    At inclusion a light-emitting diode fairly flashing "FATAL Error" as the panel did not wish to start PSU (in such condition, has appeared it is impossible to enter a panel code).
    It was necessary to make changes to iron - soldering group of resistors in the block "SCREEN INTERFACE" and solder in on ssb the absent stabilizer - elements 7I45 TS2431 and 7I46 BC847BW (these changes has stupidly peeped on old SSB).
    . On it has not ended, the panel all the same refused to include PSU, therefore the panel code should be entered directly in дамп manually.
    Bytes of options of the panel lie in dump in three places to 0012 addresses, 0883, 0D4D, their values have on 80, therefore the necessary code of the panel (in my case 026) at first is translated in HEX then change with 80, the received value is entered!

    PHILIPS 42PF9952/12S chassis FTV1.9-DE
    - na panelu FUJITSU HITACHI FPF42C10660UE-11
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    Karol 1
    Level 25  
    Niestety są to dwie różne matryce... jedna za drugą nie idzie... Temat zamykam ale problem zostaje.... :))