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Toyota Rav4 2004 kontrola trakcji błąd C1210

marci_n 18 Jun 2010 23:47 7750 1
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    Level 17  

    Świeci się kontrolka od trakcji i po podłączeniu pod launcha x431 pokazuje błąd C1210 Zero point calibration of yaw rate sensor undone". Nie dokonczona kalibracja? Jak ją wykonać za pomocą launcha?
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    Level 17  
    Odpowiadam sam sobie bo znalazlem jakies rozwiazanie:
    1. Turn on the ignition.
    2. Using a "jumper" connect Ts and CG in DLC3 (pins 4 & 12 usually) 4 or more times for 8 seconds.
    3. Check Instrument Cluster indicator lamp VSC, which is a sign that "Erases/Resets" record of the previous point zero.
    4. Turn off the ignition.
    5. Remove the jumper to let the contacts be open.
    6. Turn on the ignition.
    7. Make sure that the malfunction indicator VSC off within 15 seconds after turning the ignition.
    8. Then turn off the ignition within 2 seconds.
    9. Connect Ts and CG in DLC3.
    10. Turn on the ignition.
    11. Make sure that the malfunction indicator light VSC about 4 seconds and quickly flashes at intervals of 0.13 seconds.
    12. If so, turn off the ignition within 2 seconds.
    13. Remove jumper.
    14. Navigate in a car at least 5 minutes to confirm the completion of the calibration of the zero point.

    Note: Immediately after this, viewing Data List on diagnostic scanner, Steering Angle Sensor can "show" 1150 (not yet achieved a speed of 45 km / hr). This is "normal" before long "learned values of the steering angle have been achieved."

    Launchem chyba sie nie da tego skasowac :/