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need help in Samsung PS-42C91H Chassis F33A

Amro eid 23 Apr 2011 01:04 7158 6
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    Amro eid
    Level 16  
    hello colleagues
    need to know the real number of 2 transistor in x PCB NUMBER LJ41-05133A board Q4001 AND Q4002
    and other 2 transistor in y Y-MAIN (LJ41-02759A) board q5007 and q5001
    and can i test the x board without connection to the panel?
    thanks in advance
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    Level 33  
    Hi, replacing your mosfets will probably not be long-lasting. You need to make sure you're going to change driver ICs, zener diodes and other smd transistors on both boards (on the underside of the panel) all of them connected to the drive path of those big mosfets. If you don't do it, the fault will return on you.
    Regarding your X board test: you can measure Z-pulse with your scope when X-board is disconnected from the screen, but such a measurement is not gonna tell you much... When the screen is disconnected the X board isn't loaded and no current is being drawn from it but you can still check Ve and Z-bias when it's running. To be honest, X/b should be connected to panel for the time of testing (it's pretty safe) and then you can see with your scope if there's some ringing on the waveform+ the heatsinks get very hot after a while, then the x/b is defective. Hope it helps, good luck with your repairs.
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    Service technician RTV
    How did you damage the transistors in the X and Y are mandatory for the exchange of Scan 's moduls! ( Y-BUFFER and Y-BUFFER(UP))
    Read manual-training for plasma Samsung ,pls.
    Orginal Mosfet : IXTA36N30P
    Problem is starting from Y-sus DC-DC C5040 and D5022 (short) and few MOFSET
    LJ41-02759A is as part S. BN96-02033A

    Get manual chassis F33A (free) http://elektrotanya.com/samsung_ps42c91hx-xec...is_f33a_p_europe_hd_lily_sm.zip/download.html

    Przy takich uszkodzeniach obowiązkowo do wymiany scany.
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    Amro eid
    Level 16  
    thank u very much zbyszekskibinski
    about ur reply and advise me

    and great thank to lisek
    this set is coming to me from another workshop
    i disconnect the power from x board all voltages powerunit out going to normal
    i remove the x board found 2 tr with new soldring are short Q4001 AND Q4002 with the number k2847
    and removed the main y found new soldring q5007 and q5001 with number 88n03w but it is good not short
    any way i suspect because new soldering of transistors
    thanks for advice me
    but i am now sure Q4001 AND Q4002 have another number not k2847
    should i replaced it with IXTA36N30P or 88n03w (from datasheet it is similar) or can i use k2847
    in x scan i have original numbers of this great mosfet but now with according to IXTA36N30P or 88n03w
    it is not great at all
    please lisek are u sure from number of Q4001 AND Q4002 and if u know trusted equivalent please write
    i have many sm for plasma samsung and training manual but no thing about repairing x ,y board only

    europe data base for electronic (in some cases) and the colleagues have more experience in this kind of work
    now my important question to begin the real number of Q4001 AND Q4002 in x scan
    and if u have any document about repairing x and y board please upload
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    Service technician RTV
    In this moment about concepts to YSUS / ZSUS (any) or change transistor IGBT
    i don"t know.

    Look into the exchanger, and download any scheme on the PDP firm Panasonic. They have the only complete manual.
    For example
    Y-sus from 42V7
    driver IR2125 or MC33153 or sametimes Panasonic put it 2SD2185 @ 2SB1073
    YSUS in Panasonic > name SC-BOARD
    Transistor : IRFP250, STP30NF20 in 42V6 because Uds=270V, SUM45N25

    PDP Trench IGBT
    type case Vces, B Vce(on), B typ/max Ic, A 25°C/100°C Pd, W 25°C Qg, nK typ Epulse, uJ Irp, А
    IRGP4050 TO-247AC 250 1,64/1,90 104/56 330 230
    IRGI4055PBF TO-220 FullPak 300 1,25/1,45 28/14 39 62 975 205
    IRGI4065PBF TO-220 FullPak 300 1,10/1,35 36/18 46 62 975 205
    IRGB4065PBF TO-220AB 300 1,75/2,10 70/40 178 62 975 205
    IRGP4065DPBF TO-247AC 300 1,75/2,10 70/40 160 62 975 205
    IRGP4065PBF TO-247AC 300 1,75/2,10 70/40 178 62 975 205
    IRGS4065PBF D2-Pak 300 1,75/2,10 70/40 178 62 965 205
    IRGB4055PBF TO-220AB 300 1,70/2,10 110/60 255 132 915 270
    IRGP4055DPBF TO-247AC 300 1,70/2,10 110/60 255 132 915 270
    IRGP4055PBF TO-247AC 300 1,70/2,10 110/60 255 132 915 270
    IRGS4055PBF D2-Pak 300 1,70/2,10 110/60 255 132 915 270

    Feature of work PDP IGBT occurrence in the table and help sheets of specific parameters Epulse and Irp speaks.

    Epulse characterizes energy of an impulse of the current, summarizing losses of conductivity and loss on inclusion. In help sheets its dependence on a peak current of a collector is resulted. Having increased it by quantity of impulses in a second, it is possible to calculate the capacity disseminated in a key. For example, at transistor IRGB4055PBF energy Epulse is equal 380 мкДж at a current 160 A.Pri to frequency of 10000 impulses in a second of loss of capacity on the transistor will make 3,8 Vt. PDP IGBT are optimized so that Epulse at them it is minimum (first of all thanks to very low Vce (on)). Another important особеностью the optimized transistors is possibility to provide high repeating peak currents of a collector (parameter Irp). For this purpose dependence Irp on case temperature is entered into help sheets
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    Amro eid
    Level 16  
    thank u very much lisek
    for more help and ur
    honest in your informations
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    Amro eid
    Level 16  
    i have a good luck in this set
    replaced the 2 transistor
    q4001 and q402 with 88N30W
    AND 2 IC S2186 U4002.U4001

    Q5001 88N30W
    D5021 STTH40P03S
    Q5010 GP70N33
    Q5005 GP70N33
    Q5004 F7NK30Z
    Q5007 88N30W
    U5004 IC NUMBER S2186
    U5015 IC NUMBER S2186
    tv works now for 3 days