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Samsung 943snx - white screen

08 Lip 2011 17:27 3516 3
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    I need help in samsung LCD monitor. It is Samsung 943SNX LCD, model LS19CLNSF/ZN, production of 2009.
    It contain's this ic's:
    - SEM2105 (U201) - CCFL,
    - STM8324 - CFL output,
    - SE717M-LF - processor and scaler,
    - S24CS0 (IC203) - EEPROM DDC
    - 25L1005MC - CMOS serial Flash
    My problem is black image (no image, no CCFL, only power push button work, change the color of LED). All power voltage's are ok. Replaced all capacitors,
    try another EEPROM and Flash - the same. When I disconnect the LVDS cable, which connects to panel, CCFL works, but no data (just white panel now).
    5V is ok, and 1.3V in many pin of this cabel. I move to up to the board, which received LVDS in the panel. This board have number LTM185AT01S2LV0.4 and contain IC5 and IC6 - 17814HS. In the same board there is IC10 (LRX4211XOA) and also IC2 (416WP).

    In the same board very strange thing for me - SMD CB6, CB8, CB9, CB24 all are open. Is this CB, as the normal we know, like fuse, or is this new thing? It is yellow and like SMD capacitors and it have no number. Any one know what is this?
    When i connect LVDS the set works as previous stat. There is no short about 5V and 3.3V which feed this board
    Any body know what is this, or have a datasheet about ic's in this board?
    Any information or advice help. I will be thankful.
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    First I'm sorry about SMD CB6, CB8, CB9, CB24. It is not CB, it is C8 and it is all condensers.
    I think I found the fault. I feed this board with external power, to avoid protection
    and I found IC with 10pin number PMOQ, going to be so hot, and coil L1 number GRM hot, and SD1. I think it is DC/DC converter. What I have to do? I don't know the voltage out from this circuit, or datasheet to this IC. I remember i read in russia forum, from time ago, someone modified the circuit, but in T-Con in LCD TV. Any body have information, or link about this modification? Please help or solution.
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    Hello, thank you for reply. Problem solved.
    Found leak condenser SMD C86 in DC/DC converter circut in this board.