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how to reset BQ20Z70-BQ29330

01 Nov 2011 00:42 6325 1
  • Level 9  
    hello friends elektroda.
    I have here a theme.
    I need to restart bq20z70-battery bq29330 chip.
    Send photo of the subject. if anyone knows the process.
    please help. Thanks to you who know more.
    Send photo, borrowed from 1bolec since I have the same battery.
    sbworkshop reading and photo. binary file for sending reset.
    battery is so. voltage 10.8 volt, 5200mAh, cycles: 00

    how to reset BQ20Z70-BQ29330
  • Level 1  
    did you manage solving this problem? I have the same chip in a laptop battery which i need to reset.