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Samsung - LE26S86BD-T-CON

abou jaafar 10 May 2012 07:16 3451 4
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    abou jaafar
    Level 14  
    Hi Colleagues

    want help from you

    I want to install the T-CON Board with the number V260B1-C04 where the number V260B1-C01

    Please if anyone has the shcematic for that Board''s give't to me

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    abou jaafar
    Level 14  
    thank you for replay

    the trouble, customer try to fix the tv with himself, and he make damage on the t-con board

    so please if some one has sheme .

    thank you
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    Level 20  
    In 99% it will be panel fault.

    CMO V260B1-L01 and V260B1-L03 panels are well known from issues with source driver tabs on left hand side. Faulty ribbons causing issues such as picture freezing and vertical bars on screen from cold start. Ask guy who messed up with t-con board if tv sufferedd from such issues before ordering new board because in most cases buying new t-con board for CMO V260B1 panels is total waste of money.

    Hope it helps :)