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Samsung LA40A650A1MXXS - bade image in right side of panel

04 Sie 2012 16:54 3382 5
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    Samsung LA40A650A1MXXS - bade image in right side of panel Samsung LA40A650A1MXXS - bade image in right side of panel

    i have Samsung series 6 MODEL LA40A650A1M
    by the way i did not see panel number or manufacture

    the right side of panel not the same light of left side
    and the center of panel not the same light image in the right panel appears it is freezing
    with Technical Note to see this freezing
    1-measure all voltage from power unit it is all ok
    2-i accessed to Service menu and made factory reset to the set it is the same
    3- not back light problem tested all lamps all ok
    now i want to know if this is possible t-cone board make this fault?
    i strongly guess this is panel defect any solution for this panel or help ?????
    please see the photos of the problem in AV-TV-USB-HD all the same fault
    any help or hint are welcome

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    It's LCD Screen fault. The are no connections from gate driver pcb to line drivers on both sides lcd screen. It's seems some singnals or voltage are missing. Look what a screen inside you have if it's LTF400HF01 is unrepairbale because he did't have line drivers on booth side of screen, if you have LTF400HC it's possible to repair it but solution is unaviable for public and you have to deduct it by your self. Best Regards
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    thank you for reply and attention
    i will try
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    hello LCD-LED-PDP
    i get all about t-con and all voltage ok
    and my panel number is LTF400HC05-A1
    no bad connections to the drivers in the board above and all voltage is the same in 4 connections
    do you have any idea or information may help
    what possible to don in this case
    i see in russia forum solutions like short circuit in case of missing signal or voltage
    or add external ac/dc ,dc/dc converter but to my t-con voltage all ok
    but sure i have no schematic or voltage value about the board above the panel
    by the way any body have service manual for this set or similar
    please help

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    Hello, your T-CON should be OK. Like I wrote previously you don't have connections from upper gate driver ( upper board which is connected to LCD glass module with flex) to line drivere on both sides of lcd module. On bottom I put a photo of side line driver. Best Regards

    Samsung LA40A650A1MXXS - bade image in right side of panel
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    hello again
    thank you very much for explanation and more attention