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Samsung Q1044 - wypalona ścieżka na PCB potrzeba naprawy modułu

Noviceuser 30 Gru 2013 08:56 1584 1
  • #1 30 Gru 2013 08:56
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    Hello and sorry if the forum doesn't allow english posts but I can't speak your language so I hope you can forgive me for this.

    I have found many posts here about modules that are very similar to my own and even twin modules from different models and since I haven't had much luck on other places I am trying to see if here I have any luck.

    My samsung Q1044 washer suffered a short-circuit caused probably because of a cockroach since I found one burnt near the blown tracers, the following are two pictures showing the damage before and after the repair:

    Samsung Q1044 - wypalona ścieżka na PCB potrzeba naprawy modułu
    Samsung Q1044 - wypalona ścieżka na PCB potrzeba naprawy modułu
    Problem still remains, the machine doesn't work correctly. The following video shows what is happening when I plug my machine to the wall until I unplug it and pressing the buttons have no effect: :arrow: film
    I have removed the cables one by one to see when the problem would stop and I have found that nothing lights up when I disconnect the Red+Black and Green+White connectors, when only those 2 are connected the display shows up with the same strange symbols and I think the heater heats.

    The two connectors:
    Samsung Q1044 - wypalona ścieżka na PCB potrzeba naprawy modułu

    Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this problem? My suspicions are the following 3:

    Relay stuck

    Faulty MICOM/CPU

    Faulty EEPROM

    But I don't know how I can check which one is the culprit so any help will be appreciated.

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    I just noticed the english section, I don't know why I didn't see it when I was looking for the rules, if possible please move this thread to the correct area.

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  • #2 07 Sty 2014 07:50
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    Just wanted to leave an update, I replace the PCB with another from a completely different model that had AG+.

    I thought it wouldn't work at first because I didn't have the Silver Nano extra pcb and for my surprise it did work so if anyone is having the same problems of finding a replacement for their model then find one that is the equivalent of yours and it will work.
    I don't know if the same is possible with the dryer versions so only try with those if you have absolutely no other choice.

    My washing machine is a Q1044, portugal model - original PCB model is MFS-Q1044-00 - and the PCB that I used for replacement is from the Polish (or russian, I am not quite sure now) model F1245AV - PCB model MFS-1245A-00.

    All connections fit perfectly and everything works well, except for the Silver Nano technology which I wouldn't want either way.