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led tv NEO LED-2496 - No picture, no sound, backlight running

andrasoni_lucian 03 Apr 2015 13:27 2427 3
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    Level 8  
    I need software flash memory 25Q32 of this LED TV 24 "is starting .tv is the image of" Neo ", then Neo logo disappears" and remains black screen (backlight is running) takes no remote control or keyboard .The display is :LC230EUE (TD)(A1)
    The mainboard is: AS-MST6M181VS-LS1
    Thanks in advance!From Romania, all the best!
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    Level 8  
    Thank you very much, Haker5. Problem solved.Do'nt appear the NEO logo, but executes all commands, is working ok.Thank you again, the best regards!
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    Level 1  
    hola amigo necesito actualizar software de esta tarjeta as-mst6m181vs-ls1 de un tv de 42 led