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Licznik rowerowy JY-105 - instrukcja obsługi EN

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    Please read through the following Information carefully before using the cycle computer. FUNCTIONS
    l. Current speed, 2. 24 Hour CLOCK, 3.Total distance (ODO),
    4. Trip distance (DST), 5. Maximum speed (MXS),
    6. Average Speed (AVS),
    7. Trip time(TM), 8. Scan(SCAN), 9.Kilometer/Mile conversion,

    10. Wheel Circumference Setting, 11.LCD Auto Clear, 12.Temperature, 13. Auto start/stop.
    l .Liquid Crystal Display
    2. MODE button: Use to Select the functions
    3. SET Button: Use to set the digit
    4. Battery case cover
    5. Cycle computer accessories
    Mounting the cycle computer main unit bracket
    Attach the bracket in the handlebar by means of the screw procided, the enclosed
    rubber pad can be usedif the handle bar shouldn't provide the required thickness,
    Tighten the screw and make sure the bracket is steady,
    Mounting the sensor unit and magnet
    Attach the magnet to the spoke on the. front wheel with the screw. Attach the sensor to the inner side of the front fork, Adjust their relatice position, ensure that the magnet is directly at the bulge near the top of the sensor and the distance between them is less 5 mm.
    Tighten all cable clip and screw to make all parts steady.

    Bicycle Wheel size(mch) 16" 20" 22" 24" 26" 27" 28" 37"
    Wheel circumference (mm) 1216 1623 1760 1940 2080 2124 2240 2960

    l. Setting wheel circumference, clock and metric or British unit,
    Use "MODE" Button to select which digit you what to change and
    Use "SET button to set the digit.
    2. Display speed and distance and time,
    The upper line of the LCD is always for current Speed and the second line is for other functions , use "MODE" to choose it.
    In SCAN function , the display will be auto-changed every 5 second,
    3. Reset
    Press "MODE" and "SET" together, ALL records will be reset.
    Wheel circumference measurements are-shown in MM

    If fail to work, take out the batteries, wait 5 second, then reset. Keep the cycle computer away from sunlight.
    Check the position of the sensor and magnet occasionally. Keep attention to the traffic and road condition
    Battery: LR44 (l .5V) x 2
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