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Kinroad - Quad i prosty prędkościomierz

woia1602 18 Jan 2016 14:04 600 0
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    Power supply: 48V - 60V
    Working temperature: -30℃ - +80℃
    Power consumption: 0.3W-0.9W
    Pcb size: 105*53mm
    Lcd size: 86*40mm
    Screen color: full color

    1, There is a protective film, you need to tear up the LCD before boxing.
    2, Do not reverse the positive and negative power meter, please note that across the board to avoid a conductive material, in order to avoid a short circuit occurs.
    3, human safety voltage of 24V, the wiring process, please power off (or wear gloves) operation!

    Positive power supply: Red
    Negative power: Green
    Headlight signal: Gray
    Left turn signal: Orange
    Right turn signal: White
    Speed ​​signal: Blue
    Hall signals: yellow (alternate, generally do not take)

    Display speed adjustments:
    Because the manufacturers of motor poles, tire diameter difference, on our board increased the potentiometer (yellow can select devices) calibrated display speed, when there are differences between display speed and drive speed ,please adjustment potentiometer (As Follows).
    1, clockwise = speed
    2, counterclockwise = slow down

    Battery voltage universal knowledge:
    Ordinary lead-acid battery is the smallest single cell voltage 2V, about undervoltage 1.75V, be full is 2.4V. for example 48V : under voltage is 42V, full power is 57.6V (It has been observed: the actual full power generally only to about 55V).

    Connection speed lines:
    Now most electric car motors are brushless motor, the speed of the current analog pointer instrument display is driven directly by the motor phases pointer coil produces a magnetic field, which in turn indicates the speed, it is our company's LCD instrument can also directly access the original meter speed lines on the LCD display speed, the motor can also be a Hall signal lines directly connected to the motor and the motor hall leading to the Hall signal line and connect directly to the Hall of a signal, the supply of instrumentation, thus Calculations show speed, no other need for additional Hall sensor.

    Frequently Asked Questions (must see)
    1. Q: Why does not light meter plug in to?
    A: There are two possible
    First, the buyer when the meter is installed, there is no order in the line plug replacement (meter may not be the same as six lines on the order and the car), according to the method described in the Internet and then plug in the cable to one correspondence.
    Secondly, some of the original car dashboard car operating voltage is 12V, and our instrument operating voltage and the battery voltage is the same (for example, a 48V battery, the instrument should be connected 48V), positive and negative re looking for a set of power very Jieshang Qu on the line.
    2. Whether according to the color line to pick?
    A: No! National standards does not require headlights, steering, speed must use what color line, and now a lot of electric vehicle manufacturers, each has a different definition, but generally red are positive, black is negative.
    3. Why not show the total mileage?
    A: Boot mileage displayed within 5 seconds, display a single mileage and driving time after 5 seconds!

    Package Includes:
    1 x 48V - 60V Multifunction Color Voltmeter Thermometer Speedometer

    Interesuje mnie podłączenie tego do quada gdzie prąd 12V pływa po kablach. Czujnik rozumiem hallotronowy starczy tak jak fabrycznie jest?