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ZEMERLUANI 24 Mar 2016 18:36 1602 6
  • #1 24 Mar 2016 18:36
    Poziom 4  

    Hi to all friends

    I have a radio navigation VW RNS 2 MFD CAR RADIO

    The sound stops after engine starts

    I was told to update the firm ware

    the radios datas are
    HW HU E3/ 0525

    1TO 035 194 D

    Please do you have any firmware for me for this radio

    it is cd audio

    thank you very very much

    anyhelp will be much appreciated

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  • #2 25 Mar 2016 15:22
    Poziom 4  


    no one of you can help me

    please help me

  • #4 26 Mar 2016 15:16
    Poziom 4  

    Hi my dear friend

    thank you very much for fast answer

    I have 2 question pls

    with what sofware should I burn this file with nero
    what kind of speed

    when I will burn will I burn zipped or I have to unzip

    do I need dvd or simple cd

    thank you very much

  • #5 28 Mar 2016 17:08
    Poziom 4  

    Hi freinds

    pls may I know how to use this software

    I mean with what program should I burn

    with what speed

    will I have to use normal cd

    regards and thank you

  • #6 30 Mar 2016 09:41
    Poziom 15  

    The file is zipped , unzip winrar or 7zip , plate ordinary CD quality such as Verbatim , TDK . Program to record IMG Burn . Best old recorder Pioneer possibly Liteon

  • #7 30 Mar 2016 20:38
    Poziom 4  

    Hi my dear friend

    I did as you told me

    I downloade and I updated the radio very well according to your instructions

    but my problem it is not fixed yet

    the problem of my radio it is that

    It works very well
    it has sound in all speakers but when I deattack the 12 volt and attack again it has no sound at all
    when i discharge the main capacitor the sounds it is perfect

    where must be the problem

    i tested with vcds and it is ok

    I was told to do the update and fix the radio but it is the same problem

    from the update only the language changed

    May be my dear friend do I need any software newer as you gave to me or the same as my radio

    where must be the problem

    thank you very very much

    Dodano po 3 [minuty]:

    Plesae my dear ffriend

    send me an answer or any solution as soon as you can