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Sencor HLE3201M4 - Boot loop

jurkimodra 26 Apr 2016 22:00 4359 3
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    I have TV SENCOR HLE3201M4, mainboard (mutant) TP.SIS231.P83, t-con LSC 320AN02 with 25Q64 flash.
    Problem is that after start it nicely display logo "SENCOR" and after 5seconds TV is turned off and on, and repeat forever.
    I suggest that problem is corrupted FLASH data.
    Do someone have dump file from this TV ?

    google translate to PL:
    Mam TV SENCOR HLE3201M4 , płyty głównej ( zmutowany ) TP.SIS231.P83 , t - con LSC 320AN02 z 25Q64 flash.
    Problem polega na tym , że po uruchomieniu go ładnie wyświetla logo " SENCOR " i po 5seconds telewizor jest wyłączony i włączony, i powtarzać zawsze.
    I sugerują, że problem jest uszkodzone dane migać.
    Czy ktoś ma zrzut z tego telewizora?
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    Thank you for dump. It was not working (power LED just blinked red/green). I downloaded content from my flash and flash it into new chip. And olaaa. It is working now. Please check dump attached
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    Hello guys
    I have the same device and problem
    How do I flash the file onto the TV?
    Can I use a simple pendrive or I must flash the chip itself directly?

    Thank you