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Vitodens 222-f - Współczynnik wpływu pomieszczenia, pompa obiegu grzewczego

kaltam 27 Wrz 2016 11:03 786 1
  • #1 27 Wrz 2016 11:03
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    Witam. Kocioł Vitodens 222-f B2TB +Vitotrol 200 + tylko grzejniki i dwa pytania do praktyków.

    1. "Współczynnik wpływu pomieszczenia" - jakie powinno być ustawienie ?

    2. Czy pompa obiegu grzewczego musi pracować cały czas ?

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  • #2 16 Paź 2016 11:16
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    ad1. z angielskiego forum artykuł Viessmanna:

    A very important function of room sensing is the room influence factor. This is a variable which is used in a calculation to determine the calculated boiler/supply water temperature.
    The value set at this address has the effect of either increasing or decreasing the amount of influence. The higher the number, the greater the gain in heating system response. The smaller the
    number, the slower the gain of system response. It must be realized that the difference of the actual room temperature and calculated room temperature will effect the final calculation of influence.
    Address b0 must be set to either 1, 2, or 3 for the address b2 to become active. Once b2 is active, you may select an operating range from 1 to 31.
    Address C8 has a limiting effect on the amount of room influence.
    As a guideline, try the following settings for various systems:
    High Temperature Baseboard.
    Address B2:31
    Address C8:31
    Because of the relatively quick response time of copper fin tube baseboard, a increased room influence factor could be used.
    Mid-temperature baseboard and panel radiators
    Address B2:20
    Address C8:20
    The increased mass of the midtemperature baseboard and panel radiators require a decreased room influence factor.
    Low temperature, low mass, floor and cast iron systems.
    Address B2:10
    Address C8:10
    A decreased setting of room influence and limits on room influence are used.
    Low temperature, high mass radiant floor in concrete.
    Address B2:5
    Address C8:5
    The slow response time of concrete or high mass floors require a much lower setting than that of higher temperature systems.
    Before making any changes to these addresses or any other addresses, be aware of the possible results.
    The suggestions herein within are only guide lines and are to be used as such.
    Change the coding for the boiler circuit only on boilers without a low limit or for the heating circuit with mixing
    valve if the remote control is effective for this heating circuit.