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TOSHIBA 48L1433DG - Seach 2MB mboot.bin and firmware for 17MB95S-1

15 Apr 2017 17:23 9351 2
  • Level 8  
    My TV 48L1433DG is out.
    The mboot in flash serial memory is corumpt. I do not find file 2MB for MX25L1606E and file firmware
    I search this file
    The panel is VES480UNVS-M01

    Thanks you
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  • Level 8  
    Thanks a lot
    I test tonight


    Dodano po 10 [godziny] 12 [minuty]:

    Result is KO

    USB booting at start TV (with touch OK of remote)

    But led flashs continually green/red.

    It's not for TOSHIBA 48L1433DG