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I NEED schematic of power supply philips 42pfl6158k/12

reiki76 07 May 2017 16:58 9117 5
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    Chassis (main board, components):POWER SUPPLY SCHEMATIC
    More informations: POWER SUPPLY 272217190775
    please i need this schematic
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    Service technician RTV
    Power Supply (PSU): FSP140-4FS01 , 2722 171 90775 Rev 00 (272217190775)
    - PWM Power: FSB117H (Standby 8pin),
    - FAN7930 (PFC),
    - SSC9522S (PWM resonant)
    FSB117H(U501), FAN7930C(U601), SSC9522S(U101), BD9479FV(U901)

    LED driver (backlight): integrated into PSU
    - PWM LED driver: BD9479FV

    Has no Service Manual (SM), or schematic.
    Only after there are SM based on the same IC

    Model TV it is chassis QFU1.2E LA
    40PFL8008K, 40PFL8008S
    42PFL6008H, 42PFL6008K, 42PFL6008S, 42PFL6158K, 42PFL6158S, 42PFL6188K, 42PFL6188S, 42PFL6198K, 42PFL6678K, 42PFL6678S, 42PFL7008H, 42PFL7008K, 42PFL7008S, 42PFL7008T, 42PFL7108H, 42PFL7108K, 42PFL7108S, 42PFL7108T 46PDL8908S, 46PFL8008K
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    Good morning, my 42pfl6158k / 12 TV does not turn on, I'm trying to check if it's a power supply or main board problem. The red standby LED does not light. Could you help me with what items to check or change?
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    Service technician RTV
    The red standby LED does not light.

    Few time ago (07 Gru 2016 11:01) on this forum wrote Link
    All times led stby. No indicates ?
    TV after switching on does not respond to the remote nor the keyboard, is not light LED stby.
    After approx. a minute, the led stby. indicates errors 2 short flashes, pause, 2 short flashes.
    The chassis of this TV is QFU 1.2 E LA

    And last Link

    SM chassis QFU1.2E LA (no schematic PSU) Link
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    Sometimes if you press the remote the led flashing few times
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    42PFL7108k / 12 anakrt problem. Pleşe full firmwarevare .. lub bios z płyty głównej do pobrania?