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Whirlpool AWE 6516 - Error code F23 possibly caused by centipede

21 Maj 2017 13:35 2493 3
  • Poziom 2  
    Takes some water, makes a few spins and after about 10 sec gives error F23.
    I checked all related topics in this forum, and tried almost everything.

    The hose to the pressure switch is good, it actually switches when the machine takes water. In any case, I replaced the pressure switch with a new one. The cables connecting the pressure switch to the main board are good.

    I checked the heater, it also looks OK. There is no leakage. I disconnected the heater and switched a lamp on its place -- same error, although the lamp doesn't lit (that's probably because the error appears before the heater switches on). I also checked all three relays on the main board -- they also appear to be working.

    When I disassembled the board, I noticed a dead centipede on it. Is it possible the bug to have caused some damage to the board? There are no obviously burnt elements. As advised on a Bulgarian forum I checked the 470K resistors immediately after the pressure switch and they were all OK.

    Any ideas? Here is a picture of the centipede:
    Whirlpool AWE 6516 - Error code F23 possibly caused by centipede
  • Moderator AGD
    The producer admits that this failure code can also be generated by a defect heater or a defect drain pump or bad harness connections.
    You may try to inverse the mains plug polarity.
  • Poziom 2  
    The pump is working, heater as well. I already tried changing the polarity; no effect.
  • Poziom 11  
    Check the heater for the leakage of current to ground. And how does the washing machine works only on the spin?.