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Clevo P650rp6-g - Notebook goes on but there is no picture and no P.O.S.T

Gilera00 04 Jun 2017 13:22 1383 8
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    Hello, I have a Clevo P650rp6-g which is defective. It goes to but it is not a picture and the CPU and the GPU is not warm either.

    I have the schematic here but no boardview has someone an idea where I should start to look for the error?

    - I7 6700HQ
    - GTX1070 8GB

    Ram is OK
    Display OK

    Does anyone here come from Berlin? Or Germany?

    Dzien dobry
    Mam laptopa model clevo p650rp6-g. Laptop sie wlacza i guzik Power sie swieci ale ekran zostaje ciemny. Karta graficzna i prozesor sa tez zimne. Mam schemat polaczen ale niewiem gdzie mam zaczoc mierzyc. Moze macie jakis pomysl dla mnie zebym wjedzial ktoro czesc musze wymienic.

    Scaliłem. RADU23
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    Service technician RTV
    You have knowledge of electronics and servicing laptops ?
    That you have the equipment in measuring instruments, Hot-air station, ... blabla ?
    "and other similar things",

    This laptop has the output: HDMI and mini DisplayPort.
    Is the image on them?
    Is Backlight on matrix ?

    Look at the over 5xx-pages about this model or similar to them Link_ clevo-p65xrs-p65xrp6-sager-np8153-s-np8152

    (':?:') No warranty , this is model from 2016- August
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    Hello Lisek,
    Hello Lisek, thanks for your reply
    I have a hot air station and a multimeter.

    The notebook has unfortunately no warranty the manufacturer has rejected this.

    I once measured the coils and the following results!
    There is a defect or?

    The Coils have:

    PL8 = 0.00V
    PL6 = 0.00V - 0.01V
    PL5 = 0.00V
    PL4 = 0.00V
    PL15 = 0.00V
    PL16 = 0.00V
    PL14 = 3.39V


    Can anyone tell me Who i Messure the Coils of Shortcut?

    Thanks a Lot
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    Service technician RTV
    the manufacturer has rejected warranty> but why?
    - Fell, or filled or ...?

    You only have voltage on PL14.
    On only one power supply, then the one battery > is the same

    It goes to but it is not a picture
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    They have declined the warranty due to moisture stains on the housing's small dots

    So is there no mistake? The notebook connected via charging cable
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    Service technician RTV
    There is no traces of flooding on the motherboard ?

    Clevo P650rp6-g - Notebook goes on but there is no picture and no P.O.S.T

    Why Y have"t voltage VDD5 on PU15 TPS51125AR" Link
    * not heated too much

    Measure the resistance from both sides PL19 (better remove it)
    Measure PQ51/ 54
    Measure on pin.16/17 why there is no voltage at
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    Clevo P650rp6-g - Notebook goes on but there is no picture and no P.O.S.T Hello Lisek, I have not done it before unfortunately sorry .... I have once made the measurements and drawn on the picture I hope you can kansnt recognize and probably a mistake recognize?

    On PIN 16 I have 19.02V and PIN 17 I have 5.21V

    I hope so: D

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    !!! UPDATE !!!
    Hello everyone, I have a small update to tell. ICh today found a webpage from ONE.de where a comparable notebook is offered.

    There you should see the keys:

    FN + G + Press Power Button for a Bios Reset (EC) + (GPU)

    Now starts the notebook of the CPU is also HOT as well as the GPU but there is no PICTURE. Also not over HDMI and it also does not take Caps Lock on ...

    Is it very likely that now only one bios is defective?

    I hope someone has an idea

    Thanks to all =)

    HEre is the Website