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Denon AVR-3808 - Firmware update issue

alexraul 25 Aug 2017 17:42 1014 0
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    Denon AVR-3808
    I have a Denon AVR-3808 with firmware update issue.
    When I power up, after same seconds I see on display :
    Please wait… Update retry
    and after:
    Sub Firm Updating 25min
    DSP1 Firm Updating 24 min ...remain forever on display.
    I try all that I read on internet:
    Power up using Standard and DSP Simulation to reset and after try again to update.

    HDMI connections are ok and internet radio is ok.
    Browsing internet I found it is possible to update using PC with: “DFW_0019_AVR_AVC3808_(Rev.1.0.12).exe” but I can't find this software on internet.
    I have service manual and I verify all voltages on the 1U-3799 DIGITAL P.W.B Unit and there are ok.

    I made the diagnose with using STATUS and RETURN:

    Main Ver02.04

    Sub Ver01.11

    DSP1 Ver00.00

    DSP2 Ver00.00

    GUI FPGA CONFIG : A080719A

    GUI PRG : 00007621

    GUI DAT : 37750020

    Please help with any advice.