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CD 30 - Thinking about changing CDR 2005 with CD30

Bacac 21 Gru 2017 14:47 594 3
  • #1 21 Gru 2017 14:47
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    Hello everyone, I am from Croatia so i can not understand polish very well. I hope english is not an issue. You can freely use polish and i will translate it. :)

    So I have been thinking about this for a while, my Corsa is 2004. Z12XE , does not have CAN wiring for radio and TID. I have CDR 2005 currently. Main reason why I want CD30 is because of board computer, and it looks nicer too. :D

    After some research in Autodata and on internet i found out following:
    -all Z12XE (dont know about other engines) Corsa's even before 2004. are having CAN communications between ECU and ABS, BCM, and other modules withing engine bay, maybe even dashboard?
    -according to schematics for NCDC 2013/2015, which was put in better equipped Corsa's before 2004. , that radio has CAN L and CAN H connections, so some Corsa's even before 2004. were full CAN, and after 2004. it was a standard.

    With this in mind, i think it would not be impossible to install CD30 or later models and make it fully working, along with TID. If I know that my Corsa already has CAN i guess i could just connect the radio and TID in parallel to the network. Now although wiring for CD30 can be found easily, i can not find wiring for the TID. It uses large 32pin connector, and it is also connected via CAN.

    I hope you will be able to answer my questions...

    Are the radio and TID connected via CAN or VAN?
    In which way are they connected? Autodata does not offer me much information on this, so i can only assume they are somehow connected in parallel with other modules.
    From where is CAN/VAN connection for radio and TID taken? ECU, BCM, or...?

    Thank you. :)

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  • #3 21 Gru 2017 16:06
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    This is great, thanks a lot!

    Now i "just" need to find how and is it possible to connect display and radio to the car network. Autodata doesnt help me much.

  • #4 28 Gru 2017 11:42
    Poziom 6  

    Hi all,

    After some research and thanks to LWD11 for the link above, i found out that installing and connecting a CD30 and display might be relatively simple, just a matter of some soldering work. CAN (or should i say VAN?) is "taken" from the dashboard. According to Autodata and pictures from the internet all Corsa C's from the beginning had dashboard connected via VAN. It saves a lot of wires!

    The bad thing is, apparently board computer does not work with small TID. It is not the matter of enabling BC via Tech 2, simply BC can not be displayed on TID for some reason.

    That means a large GID or CID is needed if we want BC. I was unable to find a paired radio and GID/CID dsiplay for Corsa C, and i belive if i found one the price would be too high.
    If you buy separate GID it has to be unmarried from the previous car (is it married to the car or to the radio i dont know...?), and your radio again has to be unmarried from the old TID, and married to the new GID. There are un-married GID's from the Tigra B (i belive the frame and all would fit Corsa) for the price of around 100€ on eBay, but i dont want to risk that much money for something i dont know if it would work or not. And i need OP-COM which is another expense.