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lcd tv SAMSUNG LE32A450C2 XXH dump eeprom

06 Mar 2018 11:14 1113 5
  • Level 8  
    Mark: SAMSUNG
    Model: LE32A450C2 XXH
    Chassis (main board, components): BN94-01673B
    LCD Screen/Panel (if exist): T315XW02
    More informations:
    I have this TV that starts, it goes about 10-15 s, then stops and restarts, the cycle repeats itself. In the short while tv is working, the image is overturned (head-down), I managed to get in service mode and I gave it a "factory reset", but nothing changed (except the first install menu appeared). I tried with empty EEPROM memory = 24C256, position on the IC5004 board, but with it does not start at all. We find a suitable software for this TV equipped with mainboard:
    BN41-00983A BN94-01673B
    450_READY_rev_983A 2008.01.30
    DISPLAY : T315XW02
    Thanks in advance, from Romania all the best!
  • Level 21  
    andrasoni_lucian wrote:
    the image is overturned (head-down)

    In SM change "mirror".
  • Level 8  
    Thank you very much elmo071 & badael all the best!
    Solved by eeprom 24C64 dump, thanks again!
  • Level 9  
    thank you for that
  • Level 6  
    elmo071 wrote:
    Proszę taki coś mam
    SAMSUNG LE32A450C2
    CPU: SEMS01
    pamięć 24C64

    Tanx ....good