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Firmware update needed: Celcus DLED32167HD (Vestel 17MB82-1a)

gillas 27 Jun 2018 16:14 11217 7
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    Mark: CELCUS
    Model: DLED32167HD
    Chassis (main board, components): MB: 17MB82-1a, PSU: 17IPS19-5
    LCD Screen/Panel (if exist): VES315WNDL-01
    More informations:

    Please help me to download the correct firmware for this TV. I replaced the PSU and it now starts up only if I freeze the chips with compressed air.

    I believe that I just need to re-flash the correct firmware. I do not have any EEPROM tools to be able to download the firmware from the chip itself

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    Steve Firmware update needed: Celcus DLED32167HD (Vestel 17MB82-1a)Firmware update needed: Celcus DLED32167HD (Vestel 17MB82-1a)Firmware update needed: Celcus DLED32167HD (Vestel 17MB82-1a)Firmware update needed: Celcus DLED32167HD (Vestel 17MB82-1a)
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    SW update via USB
    17MB8X Core Software Update
    1. Please copy the file to USB device. There is no need to use any specific folder.
    • upgrade_loader.pkg
    2. Turn power to OFF by mechanical switch or removing AC plug and plug the USB to TV.
    3. Keep pressing and holding “OK” key from remote control and at the same time turn power to
    ON by mechanical SW and hold OK pressed until the standby led blinks very rapidly.
    4. SW update starts automatically when the led starts blinking.
    5. SW update is completed after led blink is done.
    * After core update, user/profile settings and panel files do not change.
    * After Core update, bootloader/mboot version will be updated.
    * SW version can be controlled from other settings or service menu.
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    Amazing! My TV is working again now. Thank you so much :-)

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    Will this firmware work with a Polaroid P24LED12.

    Power board is a Vestel 17IPS61-2, main board is a 17MB82-1a.

    I have the standby LED flashing.

    Many thanks

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    17MB8X Core update should work for Polaroid P24LED12 with main board 17mb82s-1a.
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    Dziękuję, perfekcyjna poprawka!! w telewizorze nevir nvr-7502-32hd