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Potrzebny wsad 24128 do Philips 32phh4509/88

plenin 12 Jul 2018 13:28 2235 1
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    Level 18  
    Marka: Philips
    Model: 32phh4509 / 88
    Chassis (płyta lub główne podzespoły): 715G6197-P01-003-002H
    Matryca/Panel (jeśli występuje): TPT315B5 - AN02 REV: SC1F
    Inne (uwagi): W mojej płycie wyłącza podświetlanie po wyświetleniu LOGO
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    Level 23  
    715G6197-P01-003-002H is power supply.
    PHILIPS 32PHH4509 / 88
    Main Board: 715G6165-M02-000-005N
    EEPROM : U409-24C128
    Upgrade from USB find here: http://www.girlshare.ro/3489818479.4
    I can not upload it here because it has 359MB
    Firmware update procedure:
    1. Copy the firmware update file into the root directory of an empty USB memory stick “upgrade_loader.pkg”.
    2. Switch on appliance via RC.
    3. Switch off appliance by unplugging the mains cable.
    4. Insert USB memory stick.
    5. Insert mains cable to power on the set.
    6. Appliance should start the upgrade process ("software upgrade in progress …" should be displayed).
    7. Wait until the screen becomes black then the USB content appears.
    8. Unplug USB stick and switch off the set.
    9. Switch on the set.
    10. Select "TV settings", "General settings", "Re-install TV" and select "Yes".