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iiyama ProLite GE24488HS - Str -

notly1988 03 Sie 2018 12:20 327 0
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    Hello. I have this monitor for several years.
    Recently, when I was watching videos on YouTube, I noticed really strange image behavior,
    I'm not sure if it has always happened or whether it has been happening like this for a short time
    The problem occurs only when watching movies, when browsing websites and playing games I do not notice this problem
    Adds a movie illustrating this problem.
    The naked eye can see it even more clearly.

    You can see it quite clearly on the face of this master, as the picture strangely jumps, it is strangely shifted in some places
    this happens most often with larger movements on the screen
    [movie] movies .elektroda.net /89_1522525981.mp4[/film]

    In this movie you can see it quite clearly in the last seconds when the camera stops on the man's face
    [Video] movies. elektroda.net /33_1522526005.mp4[/film]

    Videos recorded with IPhone 5s
    I did not have a better idea how to show it