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TELEFUNKEN ED22-5000, firmware corrupted!

12 Lut 2019 01:55 2862 32
  • Poziom 4  
    Model: ED22-5000
    Chassis (main board, components): VESTEL 17MB62-1 v1
    LCD Screen/Panel: LG LC215EUE-SDA1
    Serial: 6737820 100128

    TELEFUNKEN ED22-5000, firmware corrupted!

    I am desperately looking for firmware for this board as the one it has, is corrupted. Could anybody help?
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  • Poziom 4  
    Thank you for your link, unfortunately, it doesn't have any info. about my model, ED22-5000. Is there anything I can do to restore my TV, like using a generic firmware or something?
  • Poziom 24  
    few info!
    write also panel type and tuner type
  • Poziom 4  
    You're right, TV tuner is SUT-RE216TN (EB1E12). The panel is an LG LC215EUE-SDA1. Thank you for your interest.
  • Poziom 4  
    Thank you very much @arizanotu, this brought the TV back to life. Connecting a source to the scart, I have picture and sound again. Unfortunately, the TV tuner doesn't work at all, it scans for channels but doesn't find anything. The truth is, I was expecting to have more trouble with the panel rather than the tv tuner. I am grateful to you for your kind help.

    Dodano po 17 [minuty]:

    Is there a way to find a version of the firmware for my SUT-RE216TN (EB1E12) tv tuner. Everything else on the firmware kindly provided by @arizanotu works great. I have an original copy of the spi eeprom extracted with an eeprom reader after the TV died but I don't know how this may help since it was probably corrupted to begin with.
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  • Poziom 4  
    Hello @arizanotu.

    Tried both the firmware files you provided. Same result as the one in your first post, everything works but not the TV-tuner. For your information, on all three of your firmwares, if you enter service mode and go to tuner settings, you see that they expect the LG18273 TV-tuner which of course is not what I have.

    Also, the page concerning the TV-tuner, is read-only and doesn't allow any modifications to the tuner model.

    I tried another thing, I substituted mboot.bin with my original one captured with an eeprom reader after the TV died. Same behavior, nothing changed, still the same LG18273 TV-tuner is shown on tuner settings.

    How do I change the TV-tuner model? There has to be a way!
  • Poziom 15  
    Please write product number (69 or 68xxxx)
  • Poziom 4  

    Where do I find the product number? The label on the back of the tv only has the model no. and a serial starting with 67xxx
  • Poziom 19  
    Best, picture mb and label on the cover.
  • Poziom 15  
    not need picture just write Serial (67xxx)
  • Poziom 4  
    Ok, this is the full serial: 6737820 100128
  • Poziom 4  

    No luck at all, same behavior with all firmwares you provided.

    I post here a picture of my mainboard for anyone who may find it useful. I'll also add it to my initial post.

    TELEFUNKEN ED22-5000, firmware corrupted!
  • Poziom 4  
    Hello @samsi3102

    This is a full HD 1080p panel.
  • Poziom 4  
    I came to the conclusion, that all you need for a Vestel TV to work, is to match three different devices...

    * The mainboard
    * The panel
    * The tuner

    ...nothing else, no serials, nothing.

    With the firmware files kindly provided by @arizanotu, everything works but they are for an LG compatible TV-tuner whereas I have a SONY compatible TV-tuner.

    What I have:

    Firmware for 17MB62 board, LG215 panel and an LG tuner

    What I need:

    Firmware for 17MB62 board, LG215 panel and a SONY tuner

    Anyone who can match these, will help me solve my problem, thank you in advance...
  • Poziom 4  
    Hello guys,

    I finally managed to find a firmware that made my TV work!

    After studying the specs of various TVs, I managed to find two sets from Toshiba that were more or less what I needed. Unfortunately, the panel wasn't exactly the same so I had color problems.

    I then found Hitachi 22H8L03 which has the same hardware as mine. I managed to source the firmware from an Italian forum. I installed it on my TV and now I have almost all functionality back. I say almost because that TV only has one HDMI port whereas mine has two, but that is the only difference.

    I wish I knew how to activate the second HDMI port as it is a read-only option in the service menu, but that is the subject for a different topic. I'm sure I could manage to find a compatible TV that even has the second HDMI installed but I don't want to search anymore, I'm tired!

    I would like to thank everyone who showed interest in helping me towards the right direction.

    For completion, here is a Link to the file that worked for me. All you need to know is that it is for:

    * 17MB62-1 mainboard
    * LG LC215EUE panel
    * SONY compatible tuner

    Any Vestel based TV that has these, will work!
  • Poziom 4  
    Ok, I solved the last piece of the puzzle and got my HDMI2 back. Let me explain how I did it...

    1. I downloaded Vestel Toolbox v1.1 from this Link and unzipped it in the desktop. This created a folder with VESTEL-TOOLBOX.EXE inside, for later use.

    2. I formatted a usb-stick as FAT32 and created an empty file (0 bytes size) in the root folder named DownloadProfile.mb62.
    If you don''''t have a 17mb62 mainboard, substitute .mb62 for the mainboard you have. For example, if you have a 17mb82 mainboard, you need a file named DownloadProfile.mb82.

    3. I connected the usb-stick to the TV, went to Service Mode (Menu key, then 4725 on the remote) and selected USB Operations. Soon as the message asking to wait disappeared, the operation had been completed.

    4. I removed the usb-stick, connected it to the PC and did the following in the root folder:
    a. Deleted the DownloadProfile.mb62 file I had previously created.
    b. Deleted mb62_swprofile.bin and mb62_langprofile.bin files.
    c. Created a new folder named profile and moved mb62_hwprofile.bin file in that folder.

    5. I started the VESTEL-TOOLBOX.EXE program and opened mb62_hwprofile.bin file from the profile folder on the usb-stick.

    6. I could now modify the hardware related options (they are read-only in the TV''s Service Mode). Two options were modified:
    a. HDMI -> Number of HDMI Connectors - New Value: 2.
    b. Source Selection -> Hdmi2 - New Value: True.

    7. I saved the modified file and closed the program.

    8. I connected the usb-stick back to the TV and went to Service Mode -> USB Operations. Upon completion, Service Mode -> Options 2 had the number of HDMI connectors now set to 2!
    Note that your mainboard may require the TV to be turned off and on again for the changes to become active.

    ... and basically that was it. Needless to say, this way we can change almost every option of the Service Mode!
  • Poziom 15  
    Congratulations! I didn't know we could change the software. Thanks for the explanation.
  • Poziom 4  
    Hello @belmmahi

    Thank you very much for your kind contribution. I'll make sure to keep this firmware as the Greek market is full of Vestel based TV sets.
  • Poziom 8  
    Thank you
    Thank you
  • Poziom 4  
    Hello @salaheddine2016

    You are welcome, nice to be of help.
  • Poziom 30  
    Main 17MB82S how to save the file usb_auto_update_A1Text Document.txt
    to copy from good main to usb mboot.bin.
  • Poziom 4  
    Hello @Michał99

    If I understand correctly, you are asking how to make a working 17mb82 mainboard write mboot.bin (the SPI eeprom) to a usb-stick?
  • Poziom 30  
    Yes friend I want to copy mboot.bin to usb-stick