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[Solved] VLT 5000 zablokowane programowanie z LCP.

Grzegorz_madera 20 May 2019 20:57 402 2
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    Grzegorz_madera wrote:
    jak przywrócić nastawy fabryczne żeby zlikwidować blokadę?

    Initialisation to factory setting
    The frequency converter can be initialised to
    factory settings in two ways.
    Initialisation by parameter 620
    - Recommended initialisation
    • Select parameter 620
    • Press [CHANGE]
    • Select "Initialisation"
    • Press the [OK] key
    • Cut off the mains supply and wait until
    the display turns off.
    • Reconnect the mains supply - the frequency
    converter is now reset.
    This parameter initialises all except:
    500 Serial communication address
    501 Baud rate for serial communication
    601-605 Operating data
    615-617 Fault logs
    Manual initialisation
    • Disconnect from mains and wait until the
    display turns off.
    • Press the following keys at the same time:
    [Change data]
    • Reconnecting the mains supply while
    pressing the keys.
    • Release the keys
    • The frequency converter has now been
    programmed for the factory setting.
    This parameter initialises all except:
    600-605 Operating data
    Settings for serial communication and
    fault logs are reset.