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Telefunken D32H278R3 - Firmware corrupted

jens2906 27 Jul 2019 10:10 1029 6
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    Model: D32H278R3
    Chassis (main board, components): VESTEL 17MB82
    Serial number: 7396521 501335

    I need your help.

    Does anyone have the Firmware of this TV.

    The Screen of the TV stays black and the TV does not start.

    Only the LED is flashing.

    I suspect that the firmware ist corrupted.

    Help me please, thanks.
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    Thank you but unfortunately it did not work.
    The Screen stays black but sporadically i can Enter the Menu.
    Therefore, I continue to believe that it is a software error.
    Does anyone have a different file?
    And which file type is the right one?
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    That unfortunately did not work.

    Does anyone know how I must measure the motherboard to find out the defective component?
    and on which component it could be?

    Which voltages must be applied and which components should be measured?

    Thank you in advance