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Haier LE40B7000CF Software Firmware

vilorio 13 Feb 2020 15:54 2109 2
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    Mark: Haier
    Model: LE40B7000CF
    Chassis (main board, components): SIS231.PT71
    LCD Screen/Panel (if exist): V400HJ6-PE1
    More informations:
    If the TV stays with the Led in standby, this fault is repaired with this firmware!
    1- Unzip the attached file.

    2- Copy the file SISEU23X8M.bin to the root of a Pen Drive.

    3- Unplug the TV and insert the pen into the USB port of the TV

    4- Connect the tv to the power, you will see that soon after the LED starts to flash slowly
    and that after a few minutes it blinks quickly,
    then disconnect the TV from the power and remove the USB pen.

    5- Turn on the TV and tune again.
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    Thanx a lot , I fixed My LCD Screen with your dump, before that my LCD , hanged at startup , and reboot indefinitly , you all are the best !!!!
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    Marvelous, thank you!
    I had the same trouble: Haier LE40B7000CF TV, rebooting several times (up to more than 20 times) with Haier logo on screen, before strating at last.
    I fought for a week in order to get some help from Haier, no way. I used your firmware, and my problem is solved.
    Thousand thanks!..