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mkv - Does anyone know of a good beginner's guide?

22 Maj 2020 21:12 105 1
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    I want to rip my collection of DVDs using MakeMKV and encode the video using Handbrake to save disk space. The eventual goals are to watch the movies using PleX on Roku devices or the PleX app on mobile devices (my PleX server is already up and working great). I'm fine with 720p video, I only need English audio and English subtitles in the event that English isn't being spoken. I just want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I spend the time to rip all of my DVDs so that I'm doing it right.

    I've seen people say that it only takes 2-5 minutes per DVD to rip with MakeMKV, but my first one took about 20 minutes. My system is a Core i7-3770 with 16GB of RAM and an SSD C: drive. I know it should be fast enough to do this relatively quickly. The DVD drive is a PLDS DVD+-RW DS-8A8SH, could this be limiting the ripping speed? Any other guides or tips would be very appreciated & helpful.


    my issue has been solved!!

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    Hello, let me suggest You to use two video programs. I know it can be bothersome, but I can't complain. I ripped DVDs with DVD Shrink (you can choose the soundtrack, subtitles and file to rip), and I processed the target format with the program (unfortunately paid) Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. These programs have no hardware requirements, and the better the computer, the faster it is to rip and convert files.