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- A question for DVD collectors

kylebreit96 19 Feb 2021 14:16 177 3
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    Level 1  
    Why collect DVDs? When Blu ray is often much higher quality, and the players being cheap whats the point in buying DVDs? I often see posts with a handful of DVDs freshly purchased, and I have never been able to understand why! Any replies would be appreciated!
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    Level 33  
    The same reason why buy bluray, not a pendrive - it can store lots of AAC/FLAC <highest quality>, put anywhere and play anywhere - why? :P

    Dodano po 31 [sekundy]:

    Personally i prefer to collect Vinyls anyway, those look dope and sound amazing.
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    Level 39  
    I have a lot of DVDs. I paid for it, in the price was share for filmmakers. So now I have to bin all DVDs and buy it again in different format, and pay them again? No way!

    Next, the quality is not very important in old movies. And DVD i can watch on any PC with cheap USB DVD reader.

    I have a couple BD movie discs, playing them in my XBOX, and sometimes I can see that the movie was upscaled from DVD material.