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Philips 32PFH5509/88 brak opcji menu i on/off

goroncy 15 Jul 2021 14:55 312 1
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    Level 10  
    Witam potrzebuję soft serwisowy
    Tv nie wyświetla opcji menu nie idzie go włączyć/wyłączyć pilotem Oraz klawiaturą
    Wersja TPM14.1E LA
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    Level 29  
    download it here Link

    Extract this zip-file to the root directory of an empty USB stick (FAT32) and rename it, if it's necessary, to “upgrade_loader.pkg”
    If the TV-set is in STANDBY, then switch the power ON via the RC
    Unplug the mains-cable to get the power OFF
    First insert the USB stick, then insert the mains-cable to power up the TV-set
    The TV-set should auto force the software upgrade, screen OSD should show "software upgrade in progress..."
    Wait for the screen going black and then showing the channel and USB content browser
    Unplug the USB stick and switch OFF the TV-set
    Switch it back ON and go to the homepage
    Select "TV settings" > "General settings" > "Re-install TV" and finally "Yes" to confirm
    Now the issue should be resolved