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VW Crafter 2018 - Problem z webastem Airtop STC błąd T46

maciej.wojta 06 Sep 2021 21:22 1203 1
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    błąd na sterowniku T46, nie mogę w sieci znaleźć opisu tego błędu,
    pomoże ktoś?
    VW Crafter 2018 - Problem z webastem Airtop STC błąd T46
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    UniControl 9
    7 Troubleshooting
    7.1 Fault code output
    The heater will output a fault code on the control
    element if a fault occurs during heating mode.
    X Pressing the quick start button confirms the error
    An error that has occurred is shown on the control
    element display as Txx, Fxx or Hxx and the quick
    start button flashes red. The error information is
    stored in the error memory. Stored errors can be
    shown in the menu under “Settings”.

    You will find further information in the operating
    Table of internal control element errors “Txx”
    Wycinek z instrukcji sterownika
    Fault code Faults Fault description Troubleshooting
    Ted Supply voltage too high Supply voltage exceeds 36V. Check car electrical installation.
    Te3 Display background illumination faulty - Contact Webasto service workshopTe4 Defective LED status
    T12 Communication error on the W-bus - Check installation.
    Te7/Te8 - - Contact Webasto service workshop
    Tea Faulty feedback signal from heater (ST) - Check installation.
    Tec Control knob sticking Control knob pressed for longer than 10 seconds. Contact Webasto service workshop
    T46 Excess current/short circuit at switch output Current exceeds 500mA. Check installation. Ensure that the consumer at the
    switch output is not drawing more than 500mA.
    Te0 Reduced voltage Supply voltage is below value set by technician. Charge the battery and check car electrical instal-
    lation.T84 Operating voltage too low Supply voltage is less than 8V.
    Te1 Ambient temperature too low or too high Ambient temperature is outside the operating range
    of -20°C to +70°C.
    The error disappears automatically when the
    ambient temperature is once more within the range
    of -20°C to +70°C.
    Teb RTC fault -
    In case of voltage interruption lasting more than 8
    minutes: Enter day/time again.
    If this error appears without voltage interruption:
    Contact Webasto service workshop
    Tee - - Contact Webasto service workshop