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prośba o usunięcie pliku dll obciążający laptop

debrasteed 25 Nov 2021 10:53 33 0
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    Concrt140.dll utilizes the DLL document expansion, which is all the more explicitly known as a Microsoft Concurrency Runtime Library record. It is delegated a Win32 DLL (Dynamic connection library) document, made for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 by CyberLink.

    Concrt140.dll was first evolved on 07/29/2015 in the Windows 10 Operating System for Windows 10. The most recent record adaptation for CyberLink Media Suite 13 is v14.22.27810.0 worked by: vcwrkspc delivered on 07/22/2015. Concrt140.dll is incorporated with CyberLink Media Suite 13, Game Maker Studio 2 2.2.4, and Cisco VPN Client Fix for Windows 8.1 and 10 3.6.

    This article talks about complete document subtleties, DLL record investigating guidelines for issues with concrt140.dll, and an exhaustive arrangement of free downloads for each record form that has been classified by our group.

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