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Philips DVDR75/001 "Blocked"

03 Nov 2005 15:12 1667 2
  • Level 13  
    The recorder is blocked. Firs there is "Philips" on the dislpay and when you press some button it writes "Blocked"
    The software is replaced. I have no experience with this type, so any advice would be appreciated.

    Sprzet jest "Blocked" -to jest na dysplay napisano.
  • Level 22  
    Hi, it most times a dvdm is failed. Dvdm- dvd mechanism, you must conact with philips support which service repair this dvdr.
    best regards.
  • Level 13  
    Procesor was deffective. It was going very hot during few minutes. When I cooled it down with the cooling spray, the set went unblocked and started to work...but only until the next switching it on/off. The set was scrapped.