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STONE LCD Screen for Car Dashboard

Fisher2 26 Mar 2022 14:19 255 0
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    Notes: The 10.1-inch LCD screen for the car dashboard and the STONE LCD screen combined with RTL8762CJF MCU are used to develop and make an onboard display dashboard.

    In the process of daily use of the car, we need to always understand the state of the car, to avoid damage to the important parts of the car, but also to eliminate potential dangers. Often, the information displayed on the dashboard is a way to know the state of the vehicle.

    This time I’m going to use a 10.1-inch TFT LCD screen to make an onboard display dashboard. As we all know, the development of STONE intelligent TFT LCD module display is convenient and quick, without too many tedious instructions. This is not only suitable for the majority of learning enthusiasts, but in the actual project can speed up the development, save development time, quickly occupy the market.

    I use the more commonly used RTL8762CJF SCM to develop, through IIC or serial port to achieve the purpose of uploading data to the TFT LCD screen. This time will also use the voice broadcast function, to give the driver a better simulation experience.

    LCD Screen Car Dashboard Project Function
    Here we need to do a used car display project, the project mainly through touch regulation, microcontroller upload instructions manner, simulation with buttons, when MCU button press, through a serial port command to STVC101WT – 01 serial interface screen instructions to upload data, the screen will automatically data parsing, and displayed in the LCD screen. At the same time, there is also a button function on the screen to achieve the serial port instruction, so as to control the MCU.

    In Summary, Five Functions
    The serial port screen realizes the bitmap display function;
    to achieve the dial rotation function;
    to achieve the touch command issued;
    to achieve voice broadcasting;
    to achieve data instruction upload.
    The Function Is Determined, And Then The Module Selection:
    Model of the touch screen;
    what kind of MCU module to use;
    voice broadcast module.
    Hardware Introduction And Principle
    The Horn
    Because the STONE serial port screen comes with an Audio driver and reserved the corresponding interface, so you can use the most common magnet loudspeaker, commonly known as horn. The loudspeaker is a kind of transducer that converts electrical signals into sound signals. The loudspeaker is one of the weakest components in sound equipment and one of the most important components for sound effects. There are many kinds of loudspeakers and the prices vary greatly. Audio electrical energy produces sound by making its paper basin or diaphragm vibrate and resonate (resonate) with the surrounding air through an electromagnetic, piezoelectric, or electrostatic effect.

    Purchase link: http://dwz.date/afdC

    STVC101WT-01 Serial LCD Screen Description
    10.1-inch 1024×600 industrial-grade TFT panel and 4-wire resistive touch screen;
    Brightness 300cd/m2;
    LED backlight;
    RGB color 65 k;
    The visible area is 222.7mm * 125.3mm;
    Visual Angle 70/70/50/60;
    Working life 20,000 hours.
    32-bit cortex-m4 200Hz CPU;
    CPLD EPM240 tft-lcd controller;
    128MB (or 1GB) of flash memory;
    USB port (U disk) download;
    Toolbox software for GUI design;
    Simple and powerful hexadecimal instruction.
    The Basic Function
    8m-128m bytes Flash memory space, SDWe series 128M bytes, SDWa series 8M/16M bytes;
    Support hardware JPG decoding, storage more efficient, faster display;
    Support U disk offline batch download, effectively improve the efficiency of batch download, reduce the professional quality requirements of operators;
    256-byte register space;
    64K word (128K bytes) variable memory space, 8 channel curve storage, very fast (80ms) variable display
    Response speed;
    Support up to 128 display variables per page;
    Integrated real-time clock RTC, touch buzzer sound function;
    Support software 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270-degree screen rotation, adjust the appropriate visual Angle;
    Support backlight brightness adjustment, auto standby screensaver function;
    Support external matrix keyboard;
    Support audio and video playback;
    Industry-leading electromagnetic radiation index, help you easily deal with ClassB;
    The file name naming rule is simple, without corresponding to the Flash block number, also without tedious manual allocation Flash block Function;
    Support virtual serial screen function.
    STONE STVC101WT – 01 display module is via a serial port communication with MCU, need to use it in this project, we need only through the PC to design good UI images through the menu bar options button, text box, background images, and logical page to add, then generate configuration files, download to the display screen can be run at last.

    RTL8762C EVB Introduction
    8762C evaluation board provides the hardware environment developed by the customer, including:

    Power conversion module;
    26-axis motion sensor;
    4 LEDs and 6 buttons;
    Button battery and lithium battery holder;
    USB to UART conversion chip, FT232RL.
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