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[17-20.05.2022 webinar] Keysight live from the lab

LukaszAMT 10 May 2022 11:26 237 0
  • Keysight Live from the Lab to 4 dni bezpłatnych webinarów inżynierskich, Q&A z ekspertami oraz nagrody w postaci sprzętu pomiarowego Keysight o wartości 100 000 USD. Udział wezmą twórcy związani z elektroniką: ElectroBOOM, GreatScott!, CuriousMarc i The Signal Path.


May 17

: IoT Bench Testing

    Dig into the wide range of tests IoT device designers need to consider, like serial bus testing and battery life characterization.
    ◦ Serial communication and power testing with an oscilloscope
    ◦ IoT battery life testing with a power analyzer

    May 18

: Component Testing

It’s critical to understand the limits of your design. In this day’s hands-on experiments, we’ll explore DC-DC converter testing, diode IV characterization, and even break out the VNA.
    ◦ DC-DC converter testing with a DAQ
    ◦ Diode IV-characterization with an SMU
    ◦ Component characterization with a VNA

May 19

: Digital Design and Simulation

    Delve into the world of high-speed digital design where we’ll simulate a DDR5 design and analyze a real-world DDR5 chip with a scope. This day will also feature the breakout sessions “Conducted EMI Made Easy” and “Optimizing High-Speed Interfaces.”

    Optimizing High-Speed Interfaces: 

Learn how designers can predict the performance of a real product such as a PCI Express Add-In card, and we will explore some of the design choices we have under our control to improve signal integrity. 

    Deep Dive Session: Conducted EMI Made Easy
Learn how an automotive industry spec applies stringent requirements for EMI to avoid disturbances in a vehicle, and new ways to explore and mitigate Conducted EMI noise sources in your design.

May 20

5G and ORAN

    Just because you have a 5G phone doesn’t mean the 5G rollout is complete. Get a sneak peek into the high-tech world of 5G MIMO and ORAN and see the engineering techniques that will make tomorrow’s wireless systems a reality.

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