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canon eos 20d counter

23 Lis 2007 17:19 7461 1
  • Poziom 1  

    I am bulgarian minolta and ricoh copy machines service master. I want to buy used canon eos 20d dslr camera. Can someone tell me, how to chek shutter counter, without going to canon camera srvice, which is at 300km from my town? I heard about some service software. Thanks.

    Sorry, I can't speak polish and I can't chek if this was already written in this forum. Dont be angry whit me if this theme don't belong here.

    I can help to everyone whit problems on ricoh and minolta copeers.

    All best. Cheers!
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    I'm sorry but, you can't chceck counter in EOS 20D without Canon Service. You're right - there is some service software wich can check frame counter but it works only for EOS 1D camera series...