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Poszukuję schematu do monitora Hitachi CM500ET

22 Paź 2006 23:09 852 2
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    Search scheme for monitor "Hitachi" CM500ET or "RoverScan" 115GS (one and ditto).
    Please, help.

    !!! Pass in subject the mark, symbol and kind of device !!!
    The fasts of meringues above mentioned in title, next together, they will be transferred to KOSZA. [h]

    May be "Compal" M557 ? (one and ditto ?).
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    HITACHI CM500ET-302

    FCCID# BR8695GH4P


    ADI Corporation
    14F, No. 1, Sec. 4 Nan-King East Road

    Monitor is not included. Was replaced defective IC TDA8172 and resistor R882 1,2 Ohm on the nourishment of "line". Power unit partially copied: the primary chains represents system of two connect together pulse power units the pulse-width modulation by control on KA3842B, here everything is simple. However, in the second chains on the small nourishment one additional pulse-width modulation on the same IC with the heap of feedback. On this stage and would not stir complete diagram.

    Best regards.
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    The Help no.
    The Scheme has found.
    Question closed.